Etsy Finds - Washi Tape

Image from Harvard5f on Etsy       

I wonder if there is an artist, crafter or designer who is not obsessed with washi tape nowadays. I definitely am obsessed. There are so many things you can decorate with them and there's an endless amount of colors and patterns for any taste. Recently I've been really into solid colors. Pastels have always been my favourite, and I haven't been a big fan of neons, but I think neon masking tapes look really nice. I've collected some of my favourites I found on Etsy:

1. Nice and classic Neon Washi Tape Set from TheSewingPost
2. I love the color of this Yellow Washi Tape from mooseart
3. This MT Washi Tape Set from OHMYBUY has all the prettiest colors a proper tape collection needs
4. Another gorgeous Pastel Washi Tape Set from chickydoddle

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