Lately on Instagram

1. Really into black and white clothes recently.
2. Made craft carton cd sleeves for sending out my band's demos.
3. Some days it is just too hard to get myself out of bed.
4. Booked a trip to Greece with my mom and my mother-in-law.
5, 6. Smoothies are my favourite kind of breakfast. That day I had a whole jug just for myself!
7. It's still snowing. Feels like spring has been cancelled.
8. My husband brought me these tiny abandoned children's books from the library. The bottom one had the story from my favourite soviet animation ever!
9. A watercolor painting in the works.

Are you on instagram too? Post your username in comments, I'd love to see your photos!



  1. I love your instagram feed! I would love to be as great as you are in taking photos. Please do teach your photography techniques here in your blog. :) I would love to learn! @alieblanco on instagram.

    1. Thank you, Nathalie, for your kind words! It's a great idea, I might actually do a post in the future about how i take my instagram photos, thank you for suggesting :)