Product Story - Floral Art Journal

I was trying to decide how to jump straight into writing to this blog. I have many ideas and a lot of them are the kind of things I haven't done before (yes, tutorials and freebies are on the way!) So I thought I'll start by introducing some of my products.

Here is one of my latest creations. This journal is made using only recycled materials, except for the thread I used to bind it. The pages are made out of left over paper from a print house, as in most of my notebooks. What's different is the corrugated carton I used for the cover. This carton came from one of the packages I received when ordering something online. I chose the pieces carefully so that they are not damaged from the transportation.

The fabric that covers the spine also has a story. I bought a large piece of this pretty fabric at a flee market for designing tape covers for Jozik records. I had some of it left after making the covers, and when I was trying to choose a fabric that would go well with the color of the carton, this one seemed to be perfect.

This journal is one of a kind. It is slightly larger than A5, perfect to take with you to make your sketches or notes wherever you are! It's available for sale in my Etsy shop.

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