Product Story - Wedding Guestbook

A couple of months ago a friend of mine asked me if she could buy one of my notebooks to use as a guest book at her wedding. I was so excited, I've never had any of my creations used on such a special occasion! So I suggested to make a special guest book just for her wedding. I found some extra thick leftover paper at work and put together a 20 x 20 cm book with a light craft carton cover and added a vintage lace trim along the spine. I also made a stencil with their names in nice cursive font and printed it in white on the cover of the book. The color of the print is so light, you almost can't see it on the photo, but it adds such a gentle touch to the design. I loved the result and so did the bride so I decided to make more of these for my Etsy shop. Here is the pink one and more of them are on the way! Name print on the cover is also possible for a small additional charge.

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