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1. Birch trees near my house.
2. The view at the ceiling from the couch in my craftroom. Or rather an extra bed than a couch, my craftroom is also our guestroom.
3. We had a birthday party on sunday 21st even though my birthday was on the 14th. We usually celebrate both my and my husband's birthdays on the same day, because they are so close to each other. We got this cute bird plate and a birdcage hook as gifts from one of our friends. Love them!
4. My breakfast the next day after the birthday party. Cupcakes by me and a gorgeous chocolate cake by a friend of ours.
5. This was the first time I made cupcakes. They came out tasting good, but looking funny :)
6. Editing some new film photos. Can't wait to show you!
7, 8. A custom order notebook. The customer asked for golden polka dots and I just loved how they looked on the craft carton! I should probably make more of these for my shop.
9. Did some more underwater shooting. This time concentrated on helping my friend to shoot her video, so no photos. We tried to use a disco ball, but it has split in two halves once we tried to drown it. Well, at least they had fun wearing their new disco helmets :)

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  1. I love the golden polka dots, very beautiful. Lovely peek into your life!