Rhodes, Greece

June was even more busy than May for me! My mom came to visit and we travelled with her and my mother-in-law to Greece for two weeks. My mom stayed a while after we got back in Helsinki and I didn't even notice how it was July already! I'm getting back on track now updating my shop and planning new blog posts, but for now I'd like to share some iPhone pictures from our amazing vacation.

I was so happy to finally travel to the sea coast after such a long time! I love the sea, I love swimming in it, listening to the waves and looking at it being amazed how it looks like it's endless. I loved exploring the beaches and coastlines in Rhodes, they are all so different and all so beautiful. The beach on the picture below is near the town called Afandou, it was so quiet, I loved it there. When we came, there was almost no one there for a while and we were the only ones swimming. I loved the feeling! Would totally recommend it to anyone who likes calm and quiet places.

I collected some pretty stones and sea shells to decorate my bathroom. They remind me of the sea every time I look at them.

We visited a town called Lindos with it's lovely white houses and loads of tiny shops. We also climbed to see the ruins of Acropolis on top of the hill right above the village. We got so hot and tired, we had to take a swim on the beach there.

I also loved exploring the places where locals lived and almost no tourists came by.

I loved all the food there! We explored many little tavernas near our hotel and we also made salads with fresh veggies and real Greek feta cheese every day. I also went a little crazy shopping for all the natural olive oil beauty products, especially soap!

Out of all the great things we saw and experienced, I was especially amazed with the people there. Everyone was so nice and helpful! Whenever there was no vegetarian food on the menu, they would make something especially for me. The bus drivers would always shout the names of nearby hotels on each bus stop for people to get out in the right place. Whenever we were confused with what food to choose in grocery stores, people would come and help without us asking them to. The same happened when we would stand somewhere looking at a map. Once we asked a waiter in a nearby restaurant where we could buy that really good bread they served and he said it was homemade and not sold anywhere, but he suggested to order an extra one just for us to pick up the next day. This kind of stories happened to us so many times! I was really amazed with how nice everyone was to us, made me feel happier every day!


  1. beautiful photos! love the one of the umbrellas. and those soaps look amazing! i would have gone a little crazy shopping for them, too!


    1. Thank you, Andrea! You blog and shop are lovely!