Etsy Finds: Soviet Vintage

I love hunting for vintage treasures on Etsy and every time I come across items from post-soviet countries I get a huge nostalgic feeling. I can probably find a lot of similar items at my grandma's place, so I don't usually buy them (though I'm definitely getting one of those Smena film cameras one day!) But I love looking through the shops that sell soviet vintage items checking what treasures their owners will find next. And every time I see new items they list I remember how we had something like that in our home or at my friend's or grandma's place. These things bring little memories from my childhood in Russia.

I am a big fan of soviet design. Especially the technology part. All those heavy clumsy-looking metal cameras, record players and table lamps look so stylish to me. I have a Zorki film camera I got from my grandpa and I seriously think it's one of the best pieces of industrial design. I'm even thinking of getting a tattoo of it! I haven't tried shooting it yet, but it sits on my craft table all the time for inspiration.

Anyway, here are some of my favourite soviet vintage pieces from Etsy:

1. Lomo Camera from The Things That Were
2. Alarm Clock from Cute Old Things
3. Red Hairdryer from Mariya Decor
4. Glass Holder from Old Time Stories
5. Rotary Dial Phone from USSR Vintage

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