Lately on Instagram

1. Baked some of my favourite vegan banana muffins.
2. Her new favourite place to sleep during the day is on top of one of our sofa cushions.
3. I bought myself a beautiful coloring book! I love spending time coloring it when I don't have any energy or inspiration to work on my current projects.
4. Isn't this the prettiest milk packaging ever? Found it in St. Petersburg.
5. Did some sight-seeing with my sister in St. Petersburg. We took a little boat tour around small rivers and canals. I snapped an image of this beautiful cathedral from the boat.
6. My favourite Pip Studio cup broke. Well it lacked the saucer anyway, which was broken some time ago. So now I can buy a whole set again (or ask for one for Christmas!)
7. Some lavender goodies my sister brought me from her trip to France.
8. Collected some fresh apples from our yard.
9. Working on a couple of new designs for my notebooks. Very soon in the shop!

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