Back from the Tour

It's been quiet here for a while because I was touring East Europe with my band (can you call it a band if it's just the two of us?) We visited 10 cities in 4 countries and played 9 shows altogether. We met the nicest people on our way and saw a lot of beautiful places. We got back on Monday feeling pretty exhausted mostly from cold but also from constant moving. So now I'm trying to catch up with everything. We'll still be playing shows in Finland every weekend this month and I'm participating in a craft fair in a couple of weeks, so we're diving into a busy schedule right away.

I took some pictures with my film camera while travelling, so it will be a while until I get to see them. Meanwhile I'd like to share some of my phone pictures with you. The picture above is from a beautiful park in Riga, Latvia.

Beautiful architecture and flowers in the Old Town of Warsaw, Poland.

Rain and fog over a beautiful lake in Ternopil, Ukraine.

Industrial port and a sandy beach in Odessa, Ukraine.

Pick-up trucks converted into coffee kiosks and homeless cats in Odessa, Ukraine. 

Swans and old soviet buildings in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.


  1. lovely to to see home on your pictures
    dear Sasha where can I listen to your music
    ? would be nice

    1. Hi Nata! Thank you so much! And sorry for taking a while to reply!
      Here's the band I went on tour with: It's actually a duo with just me and my husband.
      And this is my other band: