Etsy Finds: Vintage Fashion

One of my resolutions for the new year is to keep a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. The main things I'm concerned about nowadays are my diet and shopping habits. We've been vegetarian for years and a few months ago we've decided to go vegan. So far we've kept the diet mostly at home. For this year the goal is to find new vegan options for eating out as well as to convince our parents and relatives to stop feeding us dairy when we're visiting (which is the hardest part to be honest). In addition to that I've been thinking a lot about my clothes buying choices lately. I was inspired a lot by Inge's new post series on sustainable fashion on her blog. So in 2014 my goal is to stop shopping in cheap fashion chains and only buy second-hand and eco-friendly (preferably handmade) clothing. I'm also hoping to buy less and to make more use of what I already have. Since the more sustainable choices are more expensive, I'm planning to put more thought into buying each item so that before purchasing I'll be sure I'm gonna love it and use it a lot. 

All these thoughts inspired this Etsy Finds post, in which I'll share my favorite vintage shops on Etsy. Even though, I love spending time in thrift stores hunting for unexpected treasures myself, it still feels nice sometimes to browse through vintage items carefully picked by a shop owner and once in a while spoil myself with buying one. So here are some of my favorite places to do so.

I love retro spectro for their amazing photography and a variety of very stylish casual items. I love their choice of colors with a lot of basic and natural tones which are exactly what I love to wear. There are also a few quirky and colorful items for those who love to stand out. I also love that they stock a lot of different kinds of clothes from dresses, tops and skirts to outerwear, shoes and lingerie. 

Mamakea is a shop with a lot less items in stock but I love how carefully selected and beautifully photographed they are. The shop mostly stocks brown leather and blue denim items all presented against soft grey background which looks so stylish all together. I love browsing through the items looking at small details and props. There is also some beautiful homeware available.

Po Vintage is probably my favorite vintage shop on Etsy. I love their quirky style with faceless models, unique fashion items, blue backgrounds and fun props. They also stock all kinds of items from everyday clothes and shoes to bags and outerwear as well as some toys and picture frames.

Gezunt is a shop specializing in vintage dresses. You can find a dress of any style and for any occasion. There are casual as well as party dresses available. Perfect for someone like me who's wardrobe is 80% dresses :)

Do you have a favorite vintage shop? I'd love to see it!

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  1. Sasha, it's so nice to see my name pop up in your post! I'm happy to have inspired you :) Thanks for sharing these vintage shops, I myself need to get better at shopping vintage so this really helps!