Graduation and new photographs

You might have noticed that I haven't posted here for way too long. The reason is that I was trying to graduate from my university. I've been postponing it for way too long and in October I decided I have to do it before the end of this year and get the weight off my shoulders. There were a lot of obstacles on the way, but I did it! I picked up my certificate yesterday so from now on I don't have to worry about classes and school projects (well until I start a Master's program, but I'm taking a break from studying for now) and I'm so happy and relieved. So now that I don't have a day job yet I decided to concentrate my energy on creative things. Even though it's extremely dark in here during this time of year, I'm still arranging some photo shoots. I'm also developing some ideas for new products for my shop as well as for new themes for this blog. I've also applied and got accepted to an artist residency program that I'm going to participate in next month! But more about that later.

Here are some photographs from one of my latest photo shoots. I love going to the beach in fall or winter. The place is almost empty and the air is so cold. With all the sand, the pier and dressing rooms it looks like it's all frozen till the summer when people will come to swim, sunbathe and enjoy the good weather. These photographs were taken in November but the weather here hasn't changed much. There is still no snow, which is very annoying since there is not much sun either. So it's all grey and rainy. But I'm trying my best to stay inspired and creative even in this sleepy weather.

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