10 Random Facts About Me

I was rewriting my About page and thought it might be fun to share 10 random facts about me with you. I know, it's a bit cliché, but to be honest I love reading posts like that about my favorite bloggers. When I read those lists about other people I always think that there are so many things that are interesting, unique, fun and weird about them and I'm so boring I'd never come up with all those things that are special about me. But once I started writing all those stories popped into my head. I was surprised to remember all this. So here you go!


1. I’ve been living in Finland for 9 years and I still can’t speak the language properly. I understand a lot, but I can’t say much. I am very embarrassed of this fact. But it’s a really hard language!

2. No one believes I’m Russian when they see me.

3. I am vegan. For ethical reasons, but I’m also convinced that it’s a very healthy diet.

4. I love to ride my bicycle. During the summer I use it instead of public transport. Oh, and I don’t like cars!

5. I am neither a dog nor a cat person, I love all pets. But my husband is definitely a cat person. He hates dogs. So we have a cat. I love her, but I still want a dog so bad!

6. I don’t like coffee and I can’t live without green tea.

7. I love cooking, but for some reason I don’t cook very often. My husband cooks most of the time and he is really good at it!

8. I met my husband in a band. We both played in the same band, but we haven’t really talked for a year or two, cause we both are very shy people and we kinda liked each other. But since we started talking we’ve been together all the time.

9. Unlike any other woman I know I am trying to gain weight rather than lose weight. Don’t worry, I don’t suffer from an eating disorder. I’ve just always been underweight no matter what (and how much) I eat.

10. I am a city girl, but there are days when I dream about living in a small wooden house in a forest near a lake with a huge garden full of flowers and veggies.

Now it's your turn! I want to know fun facts about you! Please, share links to your posts or write your stories in the comments!


  1. Ten facts about me, without thinking them that much:
    1. I like small figurines, mostly Japanese porcelain animals
    2. I like deer and squirrels a lot, mostly as figurines, though.
    3. Our older dog Risto leaves poopy stains on our blanket :(
    4. I have love-hate relationship with Christmas lights
    5. I'd love to be able to draw, dance and sing
    6. I get obsessed easily, over just about anything
    7. I never kill bugs, except for tiny fruit flies occasionally
    8. I love chips, Samba from Taffel's my absolutely favorite. I was very excited when I learned that the sour cream chips at Ikea are actually vegan. It was worth of celebration at out house!
    9. I like reading a lot, but mostly non-fiction, which I found a bit strange.
    10. When I first met you I thought you didn't like me at all, and I was very happy when you sent me a message afterwards! <3

    1. Aww I love these! Thanks so much for sharing, Raisa!
      Actually when we first met I really wanted to talk to you about your books, but I was too shy.
      And I love chips too! Are the sour cream ones seriously vegan? I love Ikea's simple salty ones, but never tried the sour cream ones obviously because they say "sour cream". Will definitely try them now!

    2. Yes! They are vegan!! (the chips). Also the ones sold at Tiger, the Swedish store in Helsinki. It's just some sort of un-natural flavoring, not the real thing. I don't know who has checked it, but it's a fact! Have fun at Ikea/Tiger!! I hope your belly won't burst!

  2. Hi, Sasha! I just found your blog through Blacksburg Belle latest post (in the comments). Your blog is so nice and I like the crafts you do and sell in your Etsy shop! It was also very interesting to read these 10 facts about you! =)
    @ramasha (Instagram)
    ramasha (livejournal)

    1. Hi Tatiana! Thank you so much for your comment! I'm so happy you like what I do :) I had fun writing these 10 facts, you should try too. Let me know if you write a post, I'd be happy to read. I love reading this type of posts :)