Etsy Finds: Vegan Leather

I don't use real leather. But I love the look of leather bags and shoes. So I am always searching for places that sell sustainable vegan leather products. It's a difficult process, because most common places sell real leather and if they have some faux leather options it's usually cheap plastic stuff, which is not very good for the planet either. So for the shoes I found several companies online that specialize only on sustainable vegan leather. And for the pretty bags I like to shop the handmade world. Well, to be honest, I mostly shop flea markets for bags and clothing, but occasionally I like to treat myself with handmade goodies. So I created this small collection for you with my picks from some of my favorite shops on Etsy that use vegan leather. Hope you enjoy! And let me know your favorite places to shop for vegan leather goodies!

1. Wristlet clutch from Razolly
2. Vegan leather tote from Pitti Vintage
3. Fringe crossbody bag from Milk and Honey
4. Three color crossbody bag from Moje
5. Metallic foldover clutch from Corals and Nuts


  1. Beautiful bags - vegan leather is the best! Thank you for the feature!

  2. Oh, you are a book binder! What a fantastic and romantic job... A bag with fringes is my favourite, although it makes me think about leather and animals more than leather bags without fringes. It is something native in them, and native is colloqued with raw meat. Or is it just my imagination? Good that this is the vegan leather!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Linn! Yes, I love bookbinding! It's a really relaxing and meditative process even though it leaves my hands with a lot of paper cuts :)
      I guess this shade of brown is very common color for leather products, that's also why it probably looks more like real leather than the other bags.