Make Your Own Yarn from Old T-shirts

I love to crochet! It is so meditative and relaxing. Plus if you crochet while watching one of your guilty pleasure TV shows you don't feel as guilty, cause you're creating something at the same time. For me it's been online classes rather than TV shows lately, but you get the idea :)

Recently I've been really into crocheting with chunky yarns. I love it when you can see the stitch detail so well in the finished products. And I love to hold a huge solid crochet hook in my hand, it really makes me feel I'm working on something large and important. Crocheting with chunky yarn is also much faster than with regular yarns. Of course, I enjoy the process, but I also love to see the finished product in just a couple of hours!

If you are a knitter or crocheter you know what I'm talking about when I say this hobby is pricey. Yarns can get quite expensive, especially when made of natural and organic materials. And chunky types of yarn are often even more expensive than regular ones. So I found a way to make amazing chunky yarns myself and repurpose something old at the same time! I'll show you how. It's super easy!


For this project you will need old t-shirts and it is important to choose the ones that don't have any seams on the sides. It is also good if they have no printed design or just a small one that occupies the top part of the t-shirt. I used a couple of my husband's old tees and bought a couple on a flee market. When you have a choice, grab the ones of larger sizes, you'll get more yarn from them. I got some XXL tees from the flee market and got larger yarn balls from them than from my skinny husband's old t-shirts.


1. Cut the hem off from the bottom of the t-shirt.

2&3. Start cutting around the bottom keeping 1 - 1.5 cm (around 1/2 inch) from the edge. Don't worry if you don't cut perfectly straight, your cut won't be seen after you do the next step. Try to keep the width approximately same along the way, so your "yarn" will the the same thickness throughout.

4. You can do this step after you finish cutting, but I prefer to do it as I go. Stretch the "yarn" with your hands until it curls in. This step lets it look more like yarn rather than a ribbon, plus it adds length.

5. Cut off when you reach a sleeve (or printed design if there's one on your t-shirt).

6. Roll your yarn into a ball and you're done! Get you hook or needles out!

I hope you will try this out and I'd love to see your results!

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