UK Tour Photos

It's been a while since we came back from the UK, but I promised to share the photos with you, so here you go! Since we were on tour with our music project (its a duo, just me and my husband) we tried to pack as light as possible. We have to carry all our music equipment with us, which is quite heavy, so I usually don't take my camera on trips like that. Luckily my iPhone is not as big as my DSLR and it's pretty good for taking pictures.

We loved our trip even though we didn't get to see as much of the cities as we could have if we just went on a vacation. First we came to London and spent couple of days there. We left with a feeling that we definitely want to come back and spend more time there. It is a huge city and there is so much to see and we had time only for a small part of it. We stayed in Nunhead, a really nice little area of London with cute houses and lots of old cars.

On our first day in London we saw all the basic places you have to see when you go there. On the second day we got to shop for the stuff we love. So here's a photo of me chilling in the park with a bag full of new records and a new issue of Kinfolk magazine. Oh, and my husband finally met a dog he kinda likes (he doesn't like dogs most of the time). The dog lived in the house where we stayed and he was the sweetest!

After London we went to York. Really liked that cute old town with its red brick buildings. It was full of yellow bikes at the time we went there, because they were preparing to host Tour de France. The bikes were everywhere: on the streets, in the shop windows. They even hung a couple on the walls of a cathedral.

I even got to stop by Cath Kidston store and drool over all their pretty bags, fabrics and dishes. After York we went to Preston and Birmingham, but I didn't get to snap any pictures there, cause we didn't walk around much.

The last stop before heading back to London was Lincoln. That place was our favorite! The town is super cute and we played the best show there. The place we played at was amazing and the people there were the sweetest!

Hope you enjoyed these little snapshots from our trip!

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