Free Printable: Tribal Postcards

Today I'd like to share something I made especially for you! It's a set of post cards that you can download for yourself to print and post to your friends and pen pals. I designed this pattern quite a while ago, but this time I decided to freshen it up with the colors I was inspired by today. You can print them two sided with the postcard back, or, if you don't have heavy paper, you can skip the back side and print them on standard paper to use for making cute notes or as cheat cards for your next presentation. You can find the instructions on how to print them with the download links below.


1. Download the PDFs: HERE for the colorful cards and HERE for the black and white ones
2. Print them out, two-sided, scaled to 100%, on heavy paper or card stock
3. Cut the cards out along the trim marks (you can connect the trim marks with a ruler and a pencil if you are cutting with scissors)
4. Write something super sweet on the back and post them to your friends!

Don't forget to show me how you use them, I'd love to see your results. Share the links to your blog posts in the comments or tag your instagram pictures with #paperplanestationery.

NOTE: Feel free to use my PDFs for any kind of personal projects. Please, do not modify the files and do not sell your print outs. Thank you!

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