Life in Phone Photos

Time for the next phone snapshots roundup! I gave a new name for this series, because I thought I don't want to limit myself to only instagram pictures. I take a lot of photos with my phone which don't end up on my instagram account, but I might still want to share it with you guys here on the blog. The main purpose of the series is still the same: to show you little peeks into my life and my studio. The picture above shows my brand new 2015 planner collection. They are available in the shop already!

Rock and sand in the central park / Free printable postcards I shared in one of my previous blog posts.

Beautiful backyard of Didrichsen Art Museum. Will share more photos from there soon!

Fall leaves in the park a few weeks ago. Now it's already snowing!

2015 planners in the making.

Ready planners and new notebooks.

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