My Helsinki: Keskuspuisto / Central Park

I've been thinking for a while about starting a new blog series where I'd show you the city I live in. The reason I was a bit hesitant at first is because I am not the kind of person who knows all the best coffee places and the latest hotspots in town. I don't even drink coffee and I am not much of a party person. But I do love Helsinki, I love taking walks around the neighborhood (oh and I absolutely love our new neighborhood), I love the seaside, I love the culture and the simple and quiet atmosphere of the city. And that is what I wanted to share, the parts of Helsinki I love and the things I experience as part of my life here. So in the end I decided this blog series is a good idea and here I am, sharing the first bits of Helsinki through my eyes.

One of the things I love the most about Helsinki is that there is a lot of nature here. There is a park or a small forest in almost every neighborhood. When we moved to our new place in the beginning of summer I was especially excited about this huge park that starts right behind our house. It is called Keskuspuisto, which means Central Park in Finnish. I couldn't believe there is this whole area that feels like a proper forest located so close to the center of the city. So my husband and I have been walking and biking through the park all summer exploring new paths and finding new little surprise places (like a horse farm!) all the time. Now that the fall is coming it started to get more bright and colorful, but also calm and quiet at the same time. Even when its raining it feels so cozy to walk between all those pine trees.


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    1. Hi Janina,
      I came to reply to your comment and its gone :(
      I just wanted to say thank you for your sweet and encouraging words! Your comment made my day! I'm definitely going to go ahead and post more photos of nature around me :)

    2. Oh no :( I clicked on something wrong and changed a few things but it just removed the comment. (But why is my picture still there?? Its also a rly rly old one ??)
      You're welcome! I am glad I could make you smile and I would love to see more photos! :)