Eco Friendly Gift Guide

Many of you are probably done with your Christmas gift shopping, but as I mentioned in my previous post, this year I am a little late with buying gifts because of all the holiday orders (which I am so happy for, thanks guys!) and a couple of Christmas markets I am participating in. So I am still on the look out for gifts for some of my friends and relatives. This year I am trying to be as eco-conscious as possible. Gift giving can easily result in buying and getting too much stuff you don't really need. This year my goals are to give thoughtful gifts that the receivers will actually use and to support small eco friendly businesses when buying them. Another thing I am trying to do is to give hints to my relatives that I don't really need anything (unless they are prepared to buy a Vitamix :) ) and that I would be totally happy with a cake or a bottle of good red wine as a gift.

As a result of my search for eco friendly gifts I compiled this gift guide for those of you who still need gift ideas and try to be friendly to the environment during this time of year when a lot of purchasing has to be done.

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