Free Printable: Holiday Gift Tags

Have you started buying Christmas presents yet? I know people who have bought everything before November started and others who don't even want to talk about Christmas before December. I usually start planning what gifts I'd like to give in October and try to buy (or at least order) them all before December starts. This year I am a little late. I have a couple of gifts purchased already, but I still have no idea what to give to others. The only thing I planned this year is to not buy any gifts from large chain stores and support makers and small businesses instead. I was hoping to make some of the gifts myself, but now I am not so sure if I'll have the time. I should seriously hurry up, especially if I want to order some of the gifts online!

Anyways, I wanted to also make something special for you to help with your gift giving this year. I designed these Christmas tree themed gift tags to make your wrapping a little more special. You can print these for yourself at home or send them to your local printer. I printed mine on my favorite brown recycled paper. The file has a white background, which means you can make your gift tags in any color by printing them on colorful paper or card stock.


1. Download the printable pdf (HERE in A4 and HERE in letter size)
2. Print the file scaling to 100% on heavy paper or card stock. Experiment with paper colors!
3. Cut out the circles and punch a little hole on the top
4. Write a sweet message on the back and attach to your gift wrapping

Please note! The printable files are for personal use only. Feel free to print them out and use them for your own gift wrapping and holiday decor. Please, do not sell the files or the printed products. If you publish them on your blog, make sure to include a link to this post. Thank you!


  1. They look so cute! I plan to wrap my presents in the same paper with some similar cord but the tags are so expensive so I wanted to make some myself and you really helped me with it! I will try to print them because they look so nice and soo much better than mine would come out :) Thank you!
    (And I agree with you, I dont have all presents and I might make some DIY presents when I find time, because tbh I dont have much money at the moment but too much crafting stuff I could use.)

    1. Thank you, Janina! I'm so happy that I've helped you with my tags! I totally understand, how holiday season can be a bit overwhelming budget-wise. I always want to give something really nice to everyone, but it can get hard to afford so many presents. Diy gifts are great in that way, they still have a lot of value, because you put you heart and time into them, but they don't have to cost much.