Handmade Gift Ideas

Brush Stroke Cushion Tutorial from Treasures & Travels blog

I am still on the search for gifts these days. To be honest, that is the only thing I have time to think about apart from work with all the holiday orders and preparations for Christmas markets. I'm not complaining, and I'm so thankful for all of you guys who ordered these past couple of months! It's been a very busy, but a very happy time! Hopefully next year I'll be even more prepared for the fun holiday season rush.

This time I compiled a gift guide for those of you who like to make something special by hand for your loved ones. I love handmade gifts and I enjoy making gifts for others. One day I'll be so organized, I'll plan all handmade gifts for everyone in August and have them all done by Christmas. Maybe next year? But we still have three weeks or so, which seems like enough time to make a couple of gifts by hand. I've been browsing tutorials from all kinds of talented bloggers lately. For this post I've collected the ones that don't take too much time to make, but can still make great gifts. I'm hoping to give a couple of these a try this month!

Hope these can help you with some of your gift planning. Let me know what you are making for your friends and family!

1. Handmade Clay Pots from Say Yes blog
2. Chunky Crochet Circle Scarf from People Webs
3. Scallop Mittens Knitting Pattern from Mairea
4. Stamped Napkins from Paper & Stitch blog
5. DIY Weaving from A Beautiful Mess
6. Dip Dye Succulent Pots from I Spy DIY

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