2015 goals

I have pretty big expectations for 2015. Turning my passion for book binding, design and stationery into a business was a huge and difficult decision I took last year. I've done a lot of thinking, brainstorming and learning and now it's time for some serious action. It's quite a scary time for me, because I still feel like I don't know anything about starting a business. But at the same time its really exciting, because what I spend my days working on feels so right. Even though I have a lot of big business goals for the year ahead, in this post I'd like to concentrate more on my personal goals. Working at home on your own new business takes a lot of time and energy and it's easy to forget to take good care of yourself. That's why I want to keep myself accountable by sharing these goals with you.

New habits

Maybe its just me, but I feel like this has been a huge topic on the time management discussion all over internet lately. Everywhere you go experts are telling you that the best way to keep doing things that are important to you is to turn them into habits. I was thinking that I would like to go even further with some of my future habits and try to turn them almost into addictions. This especially concerns exercise. I seriously want to get so used to it, I can't go a week without at least one yoga class. Here are some of the habits I'd love to have by the end of the year:

- 15 mins of yoga warm-up every day + 1 yoga class a week (cause that's all I can afford for now)
- swimming once a week (cause it includes steam sauna afterwards which means combining exercise and rest/pleasure)
- clean the apartment for 15 mins every day (to avoid those whole day weekend cleaning sessions)
- read a book before gong to bed (because I seriously need to catch up on my reading list, plus its much better for healthy sleep than staring into a screen)

There are lots of other things I'd like to do regularly, but since it takes time to build habits I'll focus on these four this year.


The second half of the previous year was all about learning. This year I'd like to put all that I've learned into action. I'm still all about learning and improving all the time, so I'd like to keep learning new things. This year I want to be more strategic about learning though. I need to put more thought and planning into what I spend my time and resources on. Before taking a course I'd like to be able to assess the value it will bring to my business and carefully plan the time to take it as well as the time to put all the things I learn into action right away.


My husband is the chef in our family and he's really good at preparing delicious meals in no time. I also enjoy cooking from time to time, but when I cook I like to find new recipes and try something I haven't done before, so it usually takes much more time and some extra grocery shopping. That's why I don't cook very often. This year I want to make it somewhat a tradition to try cooking new meals on weekends when we are not in a hurry and I can take time and really enjoy the process. I also want to make it a goal to find recipes that include the ingredients we don't use often (or ever) in our regular meals. That way I can also improve our diet and make sure we get all the nutrients we need. I'd like to also integrate some of those new recipes in our regular diet, at least the ones that don't take a long time. That way I might even cook more during the week too :)


I love finding new places and trying out new things. I'm always excited to walk a street in our neighborhood we never walked before, to eat at a new restaurant, to visit a new city even if its a couple hours drive away. It's just the slight change of scenery that gives me this fresh feeling. Unfortunately, everyday busyness, chores and sometimes just feeling lazy prevents us from these explorations. This year I'd like to make an effort to let myself explore new places and experiences. Touring with a band (and we have some of that planned already, yay!) is a great way to experience new places and meet new people. But I'd like to find more simple ways to add new experiences to everyday life. Take more walks, eat out in new places, visit new museums, take one-day or weekend trips.

Get good sleep

Even though in the last few months I managed to get myself pretty organized (still a lot to work on though) proper sleep is one of the things I'm still having trouble with. Somehow it is really hard for me to go to sleep before 2 am. And that would be ok if late at night was the time I was the most productive, but it's not. So I end up sleeping through the time when I'm the most productive, which is early morning. And I don't really do anything useful after 10 pm, so I could as well just go to sleep. All I need is to find a way to make myself do that. The goal is to start working no later than 8 am and preferably get up with my husband (that is at 6.30) so we could have breakfast together and I would have time for my slow morning routine, which would include morning yoga, shower and a green smoothie. This seriously doesn't sound like me (except for the smoothie), but I hope that it is gonna be me at some point, maybe by the end of 2015?

Are you with me on some of these goals? Or maybe you've reached some of them already? Share your tips and challenges in the comments!


  1. This is such a good list! And so many things that are on my list too, like exercise and cleaning daily instead of those horrid all-day weekend cleaning sessions, as well as to cook (even) more and more healthy. Exploring is an important one too, both in my work and leisurely; we do have to plan those outings too, or else they don't happen often enough. Good luck in reaching your goals and go get them!

    1. I loved reading your list too! I especially liked the "sharing" part, it totally resonated with me. I'm so bad at it, I always think I need to share my process more, but when I'm in the process I don't think about anything else but the process, so if course I forget to take pictures.
      Thank you, Inge, and good luck to you too!