Simple Pattern Stickers (free printable)

I'm crazy about my shipping supplies. I really enjoy the process of packing my orders and I try my best to make unwrapping my packages exciting for my customers. I am always looking for packaging that is pretty and minimalistic, but at the same time fast to wrap things into (as much as I love doing it I can't afford to spend hours on wrapping each order). I love to use silk paper in bold colors wrapped around with jute twine. What I've been lacking recently is some stickers to fix the wrapping paper. Office tape is not that pretty and I got a little bored of all my washi tapes (I love washi tape, but it's so hard to find the patterns I love). So I designed my own stickers. I wanted some stickers to just have a simple pattern on them and others to say "thank you". And I wanted them all to be round. Since the only round paper punch I have is just one inch wide, I made the patterns pretty tiny. Once I printed them on an A4 sheet of paper I couldn't believe how cute the tiny patterns look! Seriously, it's the cutest thing my printer produced in its whole life! So I thought the patterns could be used as a wrapping paper too, for tiny gifts at least.

Of course I wanted you guys to be able to print the stickers too. Or wrapping paper or whatever you can make out of a sheet of patterned printer paper. I made the "thank you" stickers as well and since many of you might not be selling anything I added other phrases that can go on gifts as well as blank circles for you to add your own text. The circle stickers are made specifically for 1-1,5 inch paper punch, but you can also use scissors to cut the circles out.


1. Download the files HERE and print each of them on A4 (or letter) size sticker paper. Maker sure to keep the scale to 100%.
2. Use a paper punch or scissors to cut out circular stickers. For the pattern prints you can use any shape.
3. Stick them onto your gift wrapping, use them in your scrapbooks or planners. Be creative and don't forget to show me how you used them!

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