My Helsinki: Winter Seaside

helsinki winter seaside

It's been almost a year in our new apartment and I still get excited every time I think how close we are now to the sea. In summer we loved taking walks along the seaside, look at boats and seagulls. But for the last couple of months it has been so cold and windy that we didn't feel like taking walks at all, let alone going anywhere near the sea.

It has been getting warmer lately and we've been enjoying lots of sunshine and I've been itching to go walk along the seaside again. Even though it started snowing today and it looks like winter all over again I couldn't help myself but take a walk along the coast on my way to work. It looks completely different now than it did in the summer. The boats are tucked in to rest till the start of the season, there are no birds screaming, the wooden decks and cafe terraces are empty. The whole place is so quiet and peaceful! And the snow falling slowly (I was lucky it wasn't a windy day!) added to this amazing atmosphere.

Now I can't wait to walk to the beach before it gets warmer! It must look amazing with all the snow and no people around.

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