A few weeks ago I shared photos of some pages from my sketchbook here on the blog and on my instagram. You guys were so supportive that I decided to start sharing these peeks into my process more regularly.

Above are some more patterns I sketched. I love sketching patterns they are so meditative! When I don't have any ideas I just start to draw the same simple shape over and over again and my mind wanders at the same time. Oftentimes I get some new ideas in the process.

Below are some kitchen themed illustrations I am preparing for an exciting project which I can't wait to share with you, but it is on a very early stage now, so it is still going to take some time. Promise to keep you updated though! On the bottom photo there are some random shapes as well as some ancient signs and hieroglyphics I've been really into lately. Really hoping something fun is going to come out of those.

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