My Favorite Pets on Instagram

favorite pets on instagram

This post is more of a fun one and it includes cuteness, lots of it. For a while now I've been planning to share my favorite instagrammers here on the blog. Once I sat down to browse through them I realized many of them have pets and I love seeing photos of them in my feed. I actually remember most of those pets by name and I feel like they are my friends' pets. Yes, I have a weird connection to pets on instagram. So I thought those are the profiles I want to share with you guys, cause I connect to those people in a special way. Probably cause owning a pet is such a great common thing to connect over. Anyways, those are all amazing instagram profiles of extremely talented ladies with beautiful apartments/houses/studios and all the pretty things that they do, so even if you do not have the same weird pet obsession like I do I still think you should check those profiles out.

amelie mancini and ladybird
Amelie Mancini and Ladybird

Amelie is an amazing artist, printmaker and woodworker. I've been admiring her work mostly from her instagram account where she shows a lot of her progress as well as finished pieces. She also shares lots of pictures of her so nicely decorated home and of course her cat Ladybird. Go check the cat bed Amelie made for her, it's beautiful and goes so well in her home.

anna bakhonko and vasilisa
Anna Bakhonko and Vasilisa

Anna is a designer and decorator from Odessa, Ukraine. She makes lots of beautiful things and decorates pretty spaces and her apartment is definitely one of them. Her cat Vasilisa is so elegant and feminine and is really good at posing for photos.

ariele alasko, mazie and mr. c
Ariele Alasko, Mazie and Mr.C

Ariele is the most amazing woodworker out there. I am a huge fan of her work. Her wooden spoons are perfect and I love how she shares peeks at her process and inside her studio all the time on instagram. She has a dog called Mazie and a cat called Mr. C. From Ariele's photos they seem to be complete opposites: Mazie is happy and friendly all the time and Mr. C is super serious. But they seem to be getting along pretty well cuddling with each other all the time.

kelly from little paper planes, jane and justin
Kelly, Jane and Justin

Kelly runs Little Paper Planes shop in San Francisco, where she carries lots of beautiful items from different makers and designers. She's also a designer herself and the collection she's working on right now looks so beautiful and so simple. I love peeking inside her shop and her design process through her instagram account, where she sometimes also shares pictures of her cats Jane and Justin. They look so sweet always hugging each other in their sleep. I wish I had two cats some day and they would be that friendly to each other.

rebecca caridad, sadie and olive
Rebecca Caridad, Sadie and Olive

Rebecca is one of my favorite bloggers. She used to run a small crochet accessories business and now she's an amazing photographer, florist and calligrapher. Her photographs are always so dreamy and so open and honest. She's also a mama to two little poodles Sadie and Olive. Sadly Sadie has recently passed away and I am so sorry for Rebecca's loss. It is always heartbreaking to loose your pet friend. They become part of our families and when they go it's never the same again. So I wanted to include Sadie here, cause when I think of Rebecca I always imagine her with these two sweet little girls.

lindsi from people webs, fig and plum
Lindsi Jensen, Fig and Plum

Lindsi is another talented crochet designer. Her works are simple and beautiful and she shares some of the patterns on her blog so you can make them yourself too. Her pugs Fig and Plum are the cutest. She even dressed Plum to match her own costume on Halloween.

susk and banoo and colin
Susk and Banoo and a cat called Colin

This is my favorite cat on instagram! Colin is amazing, I seriously wish I could meet him one day. His mama is also pretty great, I've been following her for a while now drooling over pictures of her amazing apartment plus I love her sense of humor. I couldn't find her real name anywhere, not sure if she even shares it, but Susk and Banoo are what she and her husband call each other. Check her blog for the full story and many more pictures of Colin.

sasha kretova and notka
Sasha (me!) and Notka

Of course I also had to show you my little princess Notka. She's a very independent lady with a strong character. She won't sit on your lap unless you earned it. And she doesn't like to be hugged and kissed. If she loves you enough she will come and kiss you herself (which is more like lick and bite a little). She loves to sleep and when she's not sleeping she's chasing tiny plastic things (the ones used to seal bread packages) or stealing chocolate from people's table when they're not looking.

Do you have pets? Do you love sharing pictures of them? Show me!


  1. Moi Sasha!
    Thanks so much for mentioning Colin! He already has a huge ego (and arse, ha) but is loving that he is somebody's favourite on Instagram. Any time you are in Paris, pop by and meet him! He'll give you a dirty look and probably walk off...but don't worry, he does that to everyone. HA!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for your comment! Colin is definitely my favorite (after my cat of course!) and I've missed him a lot lately since he hasn't appeared on your feed as much. I'm happy you two got reunited again though ;) Thanks so much for your invitation! If I'm ever in Paris, I'll make sure to come over and say hi to Colin and probably go all fan girl like around him :)