My Secret to Blogging Regularly + A Free Printable

blog planner printable
How often do you find yourself wondering what to write about when you sit down to create your next blog post? Do you find it hard to blog regularly so you end up producing 5 great posts in a row and then staying silent for two months? I know exactly how you feel. I've been there. Now I've been blogging regularly (most of the time) for 6 or 7 months and I am ready to share the secret. Well, not so secret really and pretty obvious, but here is what you need to do to blog regularly and to always have fresh ideas: PLAN. I know, it feels great to be inspired and spontaneous and blog about ideas and projects that are coming from your head right now. And that approach is alright too, but only for a small portion of your posts. If you would like to produce quality content regularly you need to plan it. It makes it so much easier to write great posts on days when you are not super inspired and your head is not exploding with all the great ideas.

Here's how I do it. I've designed a planner for myself to schedule my blog posts and all the things I need to do to create them (photo sessions, writing, editing, researching and buying materials). Usually in the beginning of each month I start planning posts for the next month. For example, in April I've been working on April posts and planning May posts. In May I'll start creating those posts I planned and also print the planner for June and plan new posts. I usually publish my posts on Wednesdays, but I try to leave as little work for Wednesday as possible. In ideal situation I write and take photos on Monday, edit the photos and text on Tuesday and schedule the post to be published on Wednesday. That way if I am running late I still have Wednesday morning to finalize some of the editing. When the post requires some more preparation I might buy materials or test some of the things in the end of the previous week. Some of the posts are more random, for example, for "My Helsinki" posts I take photos whenever I am visiting the place I want to share, and I edit the photos and write the text when it is time to work on that post. Planning helps me to keep blogging even when I am away. When I am traveling I prepare posts beforehand and schedule them to be published on Wednesdays.

Different bloggers do it differently. Some people take a few days in the beginning of the month to write all the posts for that month so that they don't have to think about blogging for the rest of it. Others spend one whole day to deal with all of their blogging tasks for the week. For me it works best when I split each week's post into several days, that way I can also work on other tasks on those days. It does not matter what system works for you. The most important thing is that you find your system and plan plan plan.

To make your blog planning a little easier and more fun I'd like to share my planner with you. It's such a small and simple way to take your blogging to the next level. Even if you've already been pretty organized with your posts, this might be a fresh and fun new way to keep your blogging notes and schedule. The planner has slots for each day for four weeks, and it does not have the dates in it, so you can use it for any month or just start from any day you like. It has two pages to print on front and back. The back page has space for your blogging related to-do lists as well as for brainstorming your blog ideas for next months. Follow the instructions below to print your own blog planner and make sure to let me know in the comments how you organize your blogging routine!

blog planner printable


1. Download the pdf HERE
2. Print on an A4 sheet of paper, double sided, scale setting at 100% (if you use letter size you can print on it too, but make sure to fit the image to page instead of scaling to 100%)
3. Fill you schedule in and have fun blogging!

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