My Book Binding Process (Video)

I love peeking at other creatives' processes. It is really inspiring to see how others work and I always get a new kind of appreciation for the products when I see how they are made. Today I would like to virtually invite you into my little studio and see how a hand-bound notebook is born. This is the first video of this kind I've ever made and it was so much fun! My husband helped me a lot with the filming and music. I loved spending time with him doing something new and exciting for my business!

Book binding is a magical craft for me. I love the feel of new untouched paper in my hands. I love the process of turning a pile of paper and carton into a beautiful object that will be useful to someone and inspire them to create something new too. I love holding the ready made book in my hands and admiring how none of them is like the other. When you are making with your hands you create something unique each and every time no matter how many times you repeat the same pattern or technique. There is a special kind of beauty in the little imperfections that you can not repeat.


  1. beautiful! there is really something beautiful about a handmade book. loved the video!