Life in phone photos: my new studio

statue in petrozavodsk

If you follow me on instagram or facebook you probably already noticed that I've been working at a new place for the past couple of months. I have finally decided it is time to move my work away from home and start interacting with other people every day. I know working at home is a dream for many creatives, but after working that way for months I realized it is not for me. I am quite an introverted person and I don't need to interact with people all the time, it actually drains me. But after staying alone at home for days in a row and not seeing other people but my husband for most of my time I started feeling extremely awkward around people when I got a chance to get out. I felt locked in and pretty lonely. I missed my husband way more than usual and all I could think about was the time he was supposed to come home from work. It was also pretty challenging for me to stick to my business tasks during my work hours. I was easily distracted by dirty dishes, cleaning or things I just like to do when I'm at home. So one day I decided I needed to rent a space I could call "work". Actually I prefer to call it "studio", cause work sounds boooring. I found a really nice shared office in a very beautiful area of Helsinki and rented a table to work next to other creatives. It took me a while to arrange my workspace the way I wanted it before I could show you. It is quite a small space, so it took some planning, but now it feels more or less ready. I haven't photographed a proper "tour" yet, but I've snapped a bunch of phone photos of the space and my process, so here is a peek inside my new studio for you.

By the way, the photo above has nothing to do with my new workspace, but it is so pretty and it is one of my recent phone photos as well, so I wanted to share it with you anyway. This is a statue in Petrozavodsk, Russia. I travelled there to play a show with my band in April and snapped this during our walk along the lake coast. That place is amazing and there are a lot of art pieces gifted to Petrozavodsk from different cities all around the world, but this is my favorite, it looks really cool.

Above you can see my little corner where I work. The tiny table is for all my computer work and the tall table is for hand work, which I like to do standing. I like to have a large space to work on with my hands, so I can fit a bunch of pre-printed and pre-folded paper and cartons and even my laptop if I am watching something while I make. Below are some close ups on my work in progress: printing the covers and binding paper blocks with cotton thread.

And of course cat photos! On the left is my little girl enjoying the sunny days. On the right is the sweetest cat I fell in love with when visiting a cat cafe. We don't have a permanent cat cafe here in Helsinki, but there was a week long one organized by a couple of veterinary organizations and of course we had to visit. It was so nice to have breakfast surrounded with cats peacefully walking around and interacting with visitors each in their own unique way. I especially connected with this beautiful girl, she was really sweet to me and even licked my hand! I missed her for days after that.

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