My top 5 vegan recipe blogs

top 5 vegan recipe blogs

Do you follow nutrition and recipe blogs? I am crazy about food and nutrition and I love learning new things and trying new recipes. But for me, a perfect food blog is hard to find. I like my recipes to not be too time consuming, include the ingredients I can find and of course they have to be vegan. I am also quite picky about food photography, because I like to pin my favorite recipes, and I like my Pinterest boards to be pretty. I found a few blogs that I love following and have tried several recipes from and I'd love to share them with you, so you can try to cook some of the yummy recipes they are sharing.

Nutrition Stripped is my favorite place to get all the information on healthy diet. McKel is amazing at sharing all the information you need to keep your food healthy and get all the nutrients you need. I always go back to her posts when I need to find out sources of certain vitamins or nutrients. Occasionally her recipes include eggs, but most of them are vegan. In addition to recipes and nutrition information, she shares natural beauty tips, fitness and life advice. Her photography and videos are beautiful, I always drool over her kitchen tools and dishes.

Green Kitchen Stories is my favorite place for video recipes. I love video recipes! Luise and David make the most beautiful recipe videos I've ever seen and I can watch them over and over again. Everything looks so delicious and you can see their love and passion for natural ingredients through every shot they take. This blog is vegetarian, so the recipes sometimes include eggs or cheese, but plenty of them are vegan.

Veggieful blog has the cutest photography and adorable veggie illustrations! This is also a 100% vegan blog, which makes it easy to pick any recipe to try. I especially love their baked desserts, like cakes and cupcakes, cause those are sometimes hard to find vegan recipes for.

Gratitude and Greens is a beautiful blog with loads of plant based recipes as well as thoughts on mindfulness, gratitude, health and green living. Genevieve shares mostly vegan recipes and even if some of them include non-vegan ingredients she makes sure to include vegan substitute options. She's really into organic and local whole foods and her recipes reflect that.

Chocochili is a Finnish recipe blog, so if you can't read Finnish prepare to use some Google Translate. Elina, the author of the blog, is one of the most influential people in the local vegan cooking scene here. She had written a couple of vegan cookbooks, and they are pretty amazing too. I'm especially happy that she is a local recipe blogger, because with her recipes I'm always sure that I can use exactly the same ingredients she does. She even shares advice on where to find certain ingredients, if they are not available in regular grocery stores.

So these are the main places I search for new cooking ideas. Do you have favorite healthy eating, vegan friendly recipe blogs? I'd love to know!

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