My Studio Tour

sasha kretova studio

I shared in one of my previous posts, that I moved my studio from my home into a new space a couple of months ago. And today I'm finally sharing a tour!

I rented a table in a small store type space, that I share with five other creatives: graphic designers, journalists, photographers. They're all really sweet people and I'm so happy to be working in their company (much more fun than being locked up alone at home!) I am the only one making physical products, so they let me also occupy the window and make a display of all of my notebooks.

My workspace is pretty tiny, but after some tweaking I made it work really well for me. I love to stand when I bind my books, fold paper and test new products. For that I bought new legs for the table, that was included in the space I'm renting and made it higher, which also added some extra storage space for my printer and tools underneath. For computer work I added a tiny table on the side, that is just enough for my laptop and planners, or laptop and tablet when I design. I got the white table top custom made by my father-in-law and attached the legs that came initially with the other table onto it. I also added a couple of shelves to keep my tools and materials I need all the time: one attached to the high table and one on the wall. I also have some shelf space in the large shared closet to store my inventory, shipping materials as well as all the paper and carton for making my books.

I love that my table is by the window, I always have lots of light coming in, especially now in the summer. The space seems to be initially designed for a small store, so it has a large floor-to-ceiling window, which lets lots of light in. I'll show you the area, where the studio is located, in one of my next posts. It is a beautiful old neighborhood and I love walking or biking through it on my way to work. Plus the window view is great and there are a lot of tourists walking by and looking at my books :)

Thanks for letting me share!

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