Pretty Postcards

sasha kretova postcards

I had a few postcards printed with my designs a little while ago and I had to share them with you! These are prints of my original linocuts that I designed for my latest notebook collection. I love how these prints, even though printed digitally, still keep the beauty of linocut printing: imperfect lines, uneven coloring, missing corners. I find it so pretty how these are so minimal, contrasting and geometric, but at the same time handmade and imperfect.

I framed one of each kind together in a set and put it on my gallery wall of black and white art above my workspace at home. They look so pretty framed! But they can be posted too, of course, they have a standard postcard back with space for an address and a stamp.

For now if you want them, they'll be coming for free with all the orders placed in my shop, cause I love to give pretty little gifts to my customers!

sasha kretova postcard set sasha kretova framed postcard

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