2016 planners are here!

I am so excited to announce that my planners for the year 2016 are finally available for you to grab! I've been working on this project for the past several months and it feels so great to finally put it out into the world. These planners reflect everything I value in design: simplicity, sustainability and creativity. I based the weekly planning pages on my last year's planner design, as a lot of my customers who purchased them were really happy with the page layout. It is very clean and simple with lots of space for notes, lists, writing and stickers. One thing I added, are year-at-a-glance pages for both 2016 and 2017.

A request I got from a lot of people was to make the planner in larger size and of course this year I did. I am totally in love with the big size planner! It features extra large date numbers, that look super stylish and has even more space for those of you who love long lists, have large handwriting or just enjoy extra space. The small planner is postcard size, which makes it really compact to fit into almost any bag. It still has plenty of space for you to write in due to its simple layout and no extra details apart from the dates and weekdays.

Another thing that is brand new in these planners are cover designs. I didn't want those of you who purchased planners last year to carry the same looking book with you for that long. Now you can stick with your favorite layout, but have a different design for the new year ahead. Both designs feature my watercolor paintings printed on brown carton at an environmentally responsible printing house in Estonia (which I'm so happy I found, they are amazing to work with!) The inside pages are printed in my studio on my favorite high quality 100% recycled paper, that I especially love for its thickness, which does not let pens and sharpies show through on the other side. As most of my products, the planners are hand bound in my studio using my signature technique, that lets the book open flat, which always makes me and my customers happy, because it's super convenient to write and draw in.

If you'd like to purchase one for yourself or your favorite organized creative, visit my online store or my Etsy shop.

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