Life in Phone Photos #4

My life has recently been for the most part revolving around work with breaks to spend time with my husband, which does not involve using my phone, so all these photos are about my process this time. It's been a really exciting and busy time, as I am working on two products that are super important to me and are coming out very soon. One is a planner, which I talked about in my previous post and the other one is a collaboration product with an extremely talented textile designer Kaisa and her brand Beanie on Helina. I am super excited about both projects and working on them involved trying new things and learning along the way, which is always very inspiring and energizing. So here are some snippets from my workdays in the studio for the past couple of weeks.

Above: the first finished planners and watercolor textures for a client design project.

I've been doing lots of binding! Freshly bound notebooks for our collab with Kaisa and ready to be bound planners.

Some more binding: fabric covers and paper blocks in the making, before being put together into hardcover books.

Ready batches of notebooks from Tartu Collection and Linen Collection.

Travel-inspired sketches and watercolor experiments.

Pretty packages in the mail and riding my bicycle to work every day (which serves both as a free transport and as a workout squeezed into a busy day!)

Favorite tools that I use almost every day and a bunch of pretty stationery I collected for styled photoshoots.

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