Gift Guide #2: Accessories

Image from Lee Coren

To continue the topic of thoughtful and useful gifts, I compiled this collection of beautiful accessories from small businesses and ethical manufacturers. This might give you ideas of what to give someone who loves fashion and wearables. These are all timeless designs, that go with everything and can be used for years to come. This is a bit of a personal wish list for me too. I can never have enough pouches to store all the small objects in my bags, and the ones from Amelie Mancini, Beanie on Helina and Oats Home are so neutral and versatile. I've been dreaming of this vegan leather satchel from Vegetarian Shoes for ages, so classic! Their boots are perfect, my pair is staying strong after a year in all kinds of weather conditions, can't wait to add this bag to my small collection. I discovered Lee Coren's work a couple of days ago and fell in love with her backpacks, they are so modern, so simple and the leather she uses is vegan too, which made me so happy, since cruelty free and eco-friendly leather products are always so hard to find. I've been also eyeing scarves from Windward Made and Another Feather's jewelry lately, as they both feature perfectly simple and classic designs and beautiful materials.

Hope this list will give you ideas of what to give your friends or family members, who love accessories and value quality, timeless design and natural materials. Links to sources are on the bottom of the post.

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  1. Thank you for including my scarf Sasha! (I have just one left of that one, in case you really want it!)

    1. It's my pleasure, I love everything you do and this piece fits perfectly into this list! To be honest, I almost ordered it last weekend, when you had the sale, but then remembered of all the gifts I have to buy, so had to save money for them. If there's anything left after I have all the gifts, I might spend it on this scarf as a gift for myself :)