Thoughtful gift giving + a gift guide #1

sasha kretova gift set

I took a little break from blogging, as I needed to concentrate on my work for a while. I had several new products in the works, a design market to prepare to, some personal and financial struggles, that kept distracting me, and as a result, a bit of overall overwhelm and panic. But I really missed this space! Taking a break gave me some new ideas and I can't wait to get back at it. While I was away, the holiday shopping season has gained it's speed, and I can't wait to catch up with my own gift guides and a few surprises I prepared for you.

To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with gift shopping and gift giving. I love giving, but I always want my gifts to be thoughtful, useful and friendly to our planet and society. Once it's time to find lots of gifts for lots of different people in a short period of time, this task becomes somewhat of a struggle. I have learned a few things to make this task easier: listen to people and try to remember when they mention something they want, always keep a list of "approved" companies (ethical and eco-friendly), some of which should be local (really helps with last minute shopping). I also really like to have a list of people I'm planning to buy gifts for and ideas of what they might like, which really helps plan in advance and not be caught in impulsive gift shopping. Making gifts with my hands is my absolute favorite, but I yet have to learn the art of planning them in advance, cause they do take time.

When you're conscious about nature and society and a decluttering freak on top of that, getting people to give you gifts that go with your values, might take some work too. I am not a big fan of making wish lists, for some reason (though I love them when I am the one to shop for a gift), but I am a huge fan of getting experiences as gifts. When holidays are approaching, I start giving hints about how great it would be to get a ticket to a theater play or a movie as a gift. Also gifts you can eat, drink or use out some other way, are my other favorite option. A pack of high quality tea, a bottle of organic red wine or a box of delicious vegan chocolates I can't normally afford, can make me the happiest. What I learned though, is that many gift givers don't feel that gifts like that are generous enough. So if you are into useable and experience type of gifts, you need to take time to convince your loved ones that that's what you value and appreciate more than anything you can put on a shelf.

In the next couple of weeks I'll share a few gift guides with my favorite products from small design companies around the world. When I look at these beautiful objects during this time of year, I keep asking myself: who could it be good for, who would love this and actually use it, instead of adding it to the pile of useless gifted stuff. I hope these gift guides will inspire you and give you ideas on what to give your loved ones this year to support their hobbies and passions, their style and character.

This week I'm starting with stationery! That's the most exciting category for me and I couldn't wait to share the products I found with you. These would be perfect for someone who's all about pen and paper. You know, the people who write everything down, sketch and doodle everywhere they go, love to plan and keep their desk stylish and tidy. Know someone like that? Then you might find your perfect gift for them below.

stationery gift guide

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