Free Printable Gift Wrap

Before I leave you to enjoy the holidays and relax on my own little vacation, there's one little gift I'd like to give you. I designed these wrapping papers especially for you, dear blog readers, as a thank you for reading and supporting what I do, and to offer you little help with all the fun, but crazy holiday preparations. Just download the files, print them out and get wrapping. I made them in two sizes: A4 and A3. The smaller ones (A4) are perfect for a standard home printer and are enough for wrapping small presents. The larger ones (A3) are for those of you who have access to a larger-format printer, and with those you can wrap larger gifts. If you're in the US or another country, where letter size is used for printing, you can still use these, just make sure you scale them to 100%, and then just cut the white edges off. You can also experiment with pattern sizing by scaling your print to more than 100%, but I wouldn't recommend blowing it up too much, cause you might get a lower quality print.

You can download the files HERE

Also, check these printable gift tags I shared last year!

Have fun gift wrapping, gift giving and all other fun holiday activities! I'll be enjoying spending time with my family, cooking and baking and a two-day Christmas getaway with my husband. See you in January!

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