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sasha kretova terrain collection
Are you one of those people who get their best ideas in the most unexpected places at totally random times? You're riding on a bus, enjoying your time with friends or taking a walk in the park and bam! there's your lightbulb moment. You have to remember those ideas! You know, by the time you get home they'll be gone. I created the notebooks in the TERRAIN collection for those moments. They are lightweight and portable, while still being perfect for any type of creativity, be it sketching, journaling or planning a wedding.

From now on TERRAIN notebooks are also available in smaller size. No larger than a postcard and as thick as your average pencil, they'll fit into any bag and even some pockets. They are still perfect for your art: heavy paper, open flat binding and 72 pages of your choice (lined or blank) will provide you with the comfort and confidence you need to reveal your brightest ideas from your mind onto paper.
sasha kretova terrain collection sasha kretova terrain collection sasha kretova terrain collection
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