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Hi! I’m so happy you stopped by my blog!

My name is Sasha. I am a bookbinder and musician living and working in Helsinki, Finland. I make hand-bound notebooks from sustainable materials and sell them in my online shop Paper Plane Stationery. In addition to that, I play in two bands and keep a tiny independent record label together with my husband.

I and my husband Dmitri live in a tiny apartment in Helsinki with our crazy cat Notka. I was born in Murmansk, a small city in the North-West of Russia. I moved to Helsinki at the age of 17 and have lived here since then. I love this place! Its nice and peaceful with a lot of art, culture and other cool things happening all year round. The weather could be better, but you get used to it and its a good excuse for traveling somewhere warm whenever possible.

In this blog I mostly share my crafty side: my handmade notebooks, cooking, photography and other things I like to make. I've been making things with my hands since I was a little girl: my mom taught me how to knit in elementary school and since then I've always been trying different ways to make things myself. In university I got interested in printing and got a job in a small printing house. I loved working with paper and it reflected on my crafts. After watching and reading loads of tutorials I made my first coptic-bound journal and that's when I knew that working with paper reflects who I am more than any other craft. That’s when I started Paper Plane Stationery and bookbinding has become one of my greatest passions.


1. I’ve been living in Finland for 9 years and I still can’t speak the language properly. I understand a lot, but I can’t say much. I am very embarrassed of this fact. But it’s a really hard language!

2. No one believes I’m Russian when they see me.

3. I am vegan. For ethical reasons, but I’m also convinced that it’s a very healthy diet.

4. I love to ride my bicycle. During the summer I use it instead of public transport. Oh, and I don’t like cars!

5. I am neither a dog nor a cat person, I love all pets. But my husband is definitely a cat person. He hates dogs. So we have a cat. I love her, but I still want a dog so bad!

6. I don’t like coffee and I can’t live without green tea.

7. I love cooking, but for some reason I don’t cook very often. My husband cooks most of the time and he is really good at it!

8. I met my husband in a band. We both played in the same band, but we haven’t really talked for a year or two, cause we both are very shy people and we kinda liked each other. But since we started talking we’ve been together all the time.

9. Unlike any other woman I know I am trying to gain weight rather than lose weight. Don’t worry, I don’t suffer from an eating disorder. I’ve just always been underweight no matter what (and how much) I eat.

10. I am a city girl, but there are days when I dream about living in a small wooden house in a forest near a lake with a huge garden full of flowers and veggies.

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